Nicola started up the Minnie Me Pre school business in 2009 after previously managing a pre school at Busy Bees. She started the company up based at the Scout Hut in Fairfield but as the business grew, and wanting to be able to offer a bigger and better preschool experience to the local families, she moved the pre school to it’s current location within Little Rascals in June 2019.
When not working at Minnie Me or Little Rascals, Nicola is busy working as a teacher trainer and assessor. In her free time she enjoys spending time getting away with her husband in their caravan, walking and cycling around the countryside and catching up with her grown up children. She also enjoys reading and baking when she gets chance.

“ I get great job satisfaction knowing I am providing employment and high quality child care for the local community”


Donna joined the Minnie Me family in August 2015. She previously worked at Fairfield Children’s Centre as a Children’s Centre Worker and before that as a deputy manager in a private day nursery also based in Fairfield.
Donna enjoys spending time with her family especially her grown up daughter and grand dog!! She also enjoys creating cakes for special occasions, reading, watching tv and chocolate!

“I love working in the Fairfield Community, supporting the children in our care, along with their families and ensuring that everyone feels happy, safe, valued and loved”.


Clare began working at Minnie Me in 2017 and soon became a loved member of the Minnie Me family, not just with the team but with the children and families, offering a listening, understanding ear and support to all who need it. When not at Minnie Me, Clare enjoys spending time with her family and friends, going to the cinema, reading and listening to music, especially her favourite Bon Jovi!!

“I love being able to build strong bonds with our children and their families. Getting creative and thinking of activities to encourage the children to explore and learn”.


Zoe joined Minnie Me as a level 2 apprentice in 2016, she has since gone on to do her level 3 – which she is due to finish anytime soon. She is a much-loved member of the Minnie Me family and always knows exactly who the odd shoe or lost sock belongs to as well as getting everything organised and sorted! Zoe enjoys spending her free time with her family, going to the gym or walking her dog.

“I love knowing I’ve made a difference in the children’s lives and built strong relationships with the children and their families”.


Caitlin joined the Minnie Me family in 2020, just before we went into the first lockdown, that hasn’t stopped her from becoming a loved and hardworking member of the team. Caitlin is level 2 qualified and has experience from a previous nursery setting, she will very soon be qualified at Level 3 which she has been working hard to achieve.
Caitlin is always happy to help with a smile. When not working Caitlin enjoys spending time with her family and pets, baking and cooking delicious treats, watching Disney films and going to the gym.

“I love the fact that I am helping the children at the start of their learning journey and knowing we are giving them a fun learning experience with people who care for them”.


Jess started her journey with Minnie Me in 2018 as a level 3 apprentice and has recently qualified as a Level 3 Practitioner. Jess is the organised member of the family; she forgets nothing and knows exactly who should be where and what belongs to who!! Her planning and record keeping are fantastic which can be seen on Tapestry as she is a key worker.
Jess enjoys spending her free time with her family, playing with her cats or walking.

“Letting my creative side out and coming up with exciting ideas. Building a strong bond with the children and their parents and making a difference in their lives and development”.


Julia will be familiar with many families in Fairfield as she is a friend to many since growing up in the local area. Julia came to Minnie me as a student then after gaining her level 3 and experience at another nursery she re joined the Minnie Me family in June 2019 and has bought her own sense of fun and kindness to the team. Julia’s patience shines when she is working with SEN children which is her speciality. When not at work you will find Julia spending time with her family and friends, reading or listening to her beloved JLS!!

“I like to see the children develop and grow into lovely, happy, caring individuals. It’s great to help shape children’s minds for the future”.


Rachel is the newest member of our team, she joined us in the summer 2021 and has already become a valued member of the family, bringing her fantastic organisational skills and energy to her area. With life experience and qualifications which are being refreshed to meet her new role, Rachel has quickly taken the lead to make her area the best it can be for the children. They are all so busy there is not time to rest! Rachel enjoys spending her free time with her family and friends and looking after her two children.

“I love watching the children develop their skills in such a caring environment”


Kirsty joined Minnie Me as our cook when we merged buildings with Little Rascals in 2019. She is our expert in food allergies and knows all the children’s preferences and needs. Kirsty is level 3 qualified and happily steps onto the floor with the children when she has time.

“Being able to provide home cooked foods and well balanced diet for all the children – and of course being the chief taste tester”


Megan joined in February 2021 as a level 3 apprentice. She immediately shared her personality gaining friendships with staff and children. Megan will continue to develop with plans to move to degree level in childcare. Megan has been working with every age range and fits in well wherever she is based.                                                                                 Megan enjoys walking, painting and is an avid reader.

“I love watching the children grow and develop their individual personalities”


Beth is a level 3 apprentice and joined us a year ago. Beth has brought her own personality to her area, dancing and running around and keeping everywhere clean and tidy. She is keen to make sure the children are busy and happy, working well with the team to provide ‘in the moment’ activities. When not busy working at Minnie Me or Little Rascals at the weekend, Beth enjoys spending time with her friends and playing her piano. When she has time she will spend the day windsurfing herself or teaching others at sea cadets.

“I love the fact the children trust you and turn to you for reassurance, I enjoy making the children laugh and cheering them up if they are feeling sad”.